Case Study – Univ. Missouri


We are now at the point where we are looking to optimize since most of the easy stuff is done.”

While the team has not yet met its final goal, their experience in meeting goals early and the process they are following provides a high level of confidence that the goals will be met and/or exceeded.

“At Edge, our success is defined by that of our customers. We don’t just drop in and make a quick fix. We define success by the sustainability of the improvements and the processes with which we leave the customer to ensure ongoing success” said David Ridley. We think this differentiates us from some other consultants.”

“This project has exceeded our initial expectations and target. A significant portion of the success is directly related to the skill and expertise Edge brought to the project.  Edge’s knowledge in Six Sigma methodology and revenue cycle processes gave us a strong jump start toward the outcomes and the management of the project allowed team members to focus on the content versus the steps of an improvement initiative,” said Kay Davis.

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