Case Study – Univ. Missouri


The goal of the project was to align University of Missouri Health Care’s unbilled days in Accounts Receivables with best practice for like organizations. At the project inception, the days in unbilled A/R at the hospital were more than 2.5 times best practice. Three incremental goals were set for the three six month periods over the course of 18 months. Within six months, the team had exceeded its first goal of reducing unbilled A/R days from 23 to 15, actually reducing them to 13 during that time period.

In addition to process reviews and adjustments, the team instituted:

1. Better unbilled A/R reporting
2. A weekly monitoring mechanism and escalation channel with senior leadership
3. A monthly process of visit audits to uncover issues, problems and process changes and
4. A general philosophy and approach of questioning every edit and pushing them as far to the front of the revenue cycle as possible

The results speak for themselves.

Unbilled Days

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