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We gladly work with you individually or your team to make the best use of both our network, resources, and specific areas of expertise. The exact mix depends on the nature and scope of your project. Throughout our relationship, our clients and registered users gain the benefit of continual support and communication, as we provide multiple points of contact and collaboration.

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Current Hospital and Medical Practice Clients:

  • University of Missouri Hospital   Columbia, Missouri
  • University of Colorado Hospital   Denver, Colorado
  • The Children’s Hospital   Denver, Colorado
  • Boston Medical Center   Boston, Massachusetts

Current Project Management Subcontracting Clients:

  • FTI Consulting   Danvers, Massachusetts
  • Marathon Health, Inc.   Winooski, Vermont
  • AsquaredM Healthcare Consultants   Columbia, Missouri
  • KeyBank Healthcare Segment   Denver, Colorado

Current and Former Education Clients:

  • FTI Consulting   Danvers, Massachusetts
  • University of Colorado Hospital   Denver, Colorado
  • Denver Health   Denver, Colorado
  • Continuum Health Alliance  Vorhees, NJ
  • Marathon Health, Inc.  Winooski, Vermont

Lean Six Sigma Clients:

  • Marathon Health, Inc.   Winooski, Vermont
  • University of Missouri Hospital   Columbia, Missouri
  • University of Colorado Hospital   Denver, Colorado

Planning Assessment Implementation Coaching



Developing Team Solutions That Work, Save Time, and Money.

The Edge Process© to project selection and process improvement has been uniquely designed to eliminate unnecessary initiatives and reduce expenditures, making your end results exponentially more effective. We align ourselves with your objectives, employing a metrics driven, top-down/bottom-up methodology to process optimization. By following a hands-on training approach we maintain an executive level vantage point.


Additionally, we provide multiple lines of support, communication, and secure, unfettered access to our clients, exchanging documentation, enabling collaboration, and promoting overall efficiency.

Learn more about what we offer and how we can help you achieve your goals:

IT Project Management


Lean Six Sigma


Interim IT Management


Operational Assessment


Operational Assessment

Assessments of your organization’s operating mechanisms, project execution rigor, sophistication of operational metrics and readiness to deploy Lean Six Sigma process improvement techniques and methods; identifying both your organization’s technical and soft-skills capability, assisting with project identification and prioritization against your organizational goals and objectives.

Interim IT Management


Healthy growth requires flexibility and strength. The EDGE Process© to Interim IT Management services puts the power of progress in your hands.


Edge can help your organization in a time of need. We will fill your IT management gaps and provide seamless transition to your new leadership model. Leveraging our extensive project, people and change management skills to provide interim IT management services to help you with:

Budget and Staff Management
Portfolio Management
Goal Development and Monitoring

Built on a foundation of more than eighteen years of project, people and operations management in a software and IT setting, the EDGE Process© to interim IT management allows your senior leadership to fill unplanned gaps in IT management roles while conducting a replacement search. Our IT Management services are designed to fill 3-6 month gaps in IT management.

The offering can be tailored to your needs and can include:

  • Project and Production Oversight

  • Vendor Management

  • Project Planning

  • Budget Management

  • Staff Management

  • Replacement Search Assistance

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement


Process Improvement you can count on…Guaranteed! Guiding you as you maximize operations, capitalizing on more opportunities than ever before.


Using the EDGE Process© to Lean Six Sigma, we help you identify, map and prioritize improvement opportunities. We assist you in developing balanced scorecards and key process measures. We train your leaders and team on Lean Six Sigma improvement methods through a rigorous execution process aimed at achieving sustainable results.

What is Lean?

Lean is a process improvement methodology focused on reducing and eliminating waste and bureaucracy in processes. It is best used when there is a known process that requires streamlining and simplification.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a statistically based process improvement methodology focused on reducing variability in processes to optimize outcomes. Six Sigma is best used when the problems in your processes are not well understood and data is required to pinpoint where the problems exist.

What is the EDGE Process© to Lean Six Sigma?

The EDGE Process© to Lean Six Sigma process improvement employs simple tools like process mapping, value stream analysis, time studies, and brainstorming. Your team is employed in finding the right solutions and making change stick.

The EDGE Process© involves your leaders in determining which projects align with your organizational goals.

We help you

Form effective cross-functional teams

Analyze current process capability

Derive the right solutions and

Monitor changes through effective control plans

Network Opportunities


epc-1099-networkWe are always looking for strategic partner firms and associates in Lean, Six Sigma and health care revenue cycle consulting. If you are an experienced independent consultant or firm please contact us about a strategic partnership.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in Boston?  Contact us at for a potential subcontractor contract in the Boston area.

Executive Leadership

David T. Ridley

David T. Ridley David T. Ridley

President and Managing Director

Under Mr. Ridley’s direction, EDGE Process Consulting leverages twenty years of project and process management practice in the healthcare industry. Mr. Ridley has vast experience with Lean process improvement methods in human-based and IT processes in software and health care.

* Experience in complex systems implementation

* Extensive project management experience

* Significant change management experience and implementation

* Strong knowledge of health care revenue cycle

* Past experience in logistics, operations and distribution businesses including inventory management, financial management (A/R, A/P, General Ledger, Payroll), sales reporting and forecasting (within beverage distribution industry)


* General Electric certified Six Sigma Black Belt

* American Society for Quality (ASQ) certified Six Sigma Black Belt

* Vast experience with Lean process improvement methods in human-based and IT processes in software and health care

* Undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont and Masters of Business Administration from Regis University

* Member Hospital Financial Management Association (HFMA) Colorado Chapter


Company Overview


EDGE Process Consulting is a leading provider of healthcare IT project management and healthcare process improvement consulting and training services specializing in healthcare administration and revenue cycle processes.



We successfully manage cross functional improvement efforts and IT projects utilizing Lean Six Sigma, DMAIC, DFSS and Project Management skills and techniques. With more than twenty years of experience handling complex systems and change management implementations we help you exceed your goals and maximize profits. Our strong knowledge of the health care revenue cycle, patient flow and operations makes us a cutting edge healthcare industry leader and your partner to help improve your productivity.

Our approach puts the capability of optimizing processes in your hands.  We train you on the “Edge Process” to process improvement and empower your team to execute successful projects when we’re gone.  We judge our success by your success in affecting change and creating sustainable solutions with the capacity to evolve and grow.

Our Lean Six Sigma solutions are scalable to your specific needs.  Whether you are an organization that wants to develop a Lean Six Sigma program in-house, complete with certification and training of your employees; or an organization that wants to execute effective and sustainable process improvement and doesn’t want to learn how to use the tools on your own Edge Process Consulting can scale and tailor programs to meet your specific needs and requirements.


We don’t buy into the “financial benefit” model that is often touted in the world of Lean Six Sigma consultancy.  The only financial benefits we will ever claim will be 100% certified by your Chief Financial Officer and Controller.  You won’t hear us claim overinflated and questionable financial returns.


Our Mission & Values


our_missionOur Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of our customer’s business through results oriented, high quality process improvements and project management execution.

Our Multidisciplinary Approach

Our multidisciplinary approach is uniquely designed to eliminate unnecessary initiatives and reduce expenditures, making results exponentially more effective.

We align ourselves with your objectives, employing a top-down/bottom-up methodology to process optimization. We follow a hands-on training approach while maintaining an executive level vantage point.

Our core values are at the heart of our company and underscore all we do:

Excellence in Service

Dedication to Customer Success

Goal Oriented & Results Driven

Employee Success through Personal and Professional Growth