Company Overview

EDGE Process Consulting is a leading provider of healthcare IT project management and healthcare process improvement consulting and training services specializing in healthcare administration and revenue cycle processes.



We successfully manage cross functional improvement efforts and IT projects utilizing Lean Six Sigma, DMAIC, DFSS and Project Management skills and techniques. With more than twenty years of experience handling complex systems and change management implementations we help you exceed your goals and maximize profits. Our strong knowledge of the health care revenue cycle, patient flow and operations makes us a cutting edge healthcare industry leader and your partner to help improve your productivity.

Our approach puts the capability of optimizing processes in your hands.  We train you on the “Edge Process” to process improvement and empower your team to execute successful projects when we’re gone.  We judge our success by your success in affecting change and creating sustainable solutions with the capacity to evolve and grow.

Our Lean Six Sigma solutions are scalable to your specific needs.  Whether you are an organization that wants to develop a Lean Six Sigma program in-house, complete with certification and training of your employees; or an organization that wants to execute effective and sustainable process improvement and doesn’t want to learn how to use the tools on your own Edge Process Consulting can scale and tailor programs to meet your specific needs and requirements.


We don’t buy into the “financial benefit” model that is often touted in the world of Lean Six Sigma consultancy.  The only financial benefits we will ever claim will be 100% certified by your Chief Financial Officer and Controller.  You won’t hear us claim overinflated and questionable financial returns.


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