Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement


Process Improvement you can count on…Guaranteed! Guiding you as you maximize operations, capitalizing on more opportunities than ever before.


Using the EDGE Process© to Lean Six Sigma, we help you identify, map and prioritize improvement opportunities. We assist you in developing balanced scorecards and key process measures. We train your leaders and team on Lean Six Sigma improvement methods through a rigorous execution process aimed at achieving sustainable results.

What is Lean?

Lean is a process improvement methodology focused on reducing and eliminating waste and bureaucracy in processes. It is best used when there is a known process that requires streamlining and simplification.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a statistically based process improvement methodology focused on reducing variability in processes to optimize outcomes. Six Sigma is best used when the problems in your processes are not well understood and data is required to pinpoint where the problems exist.

What is the EDGE Process© to Lean Six Sigma?

The EDGE Process© to Lean Six Sigma process improvement employs simple tools like process mapping, value stream analysis, time studies, and brainstorming. Your team is employed in finding the right solutions and making change stick.

The EDGE Process© involves your leaders in determining which projects align with your organizational goals.

We help you

Form effective cross-functional teams

Analyze current process capability

Derive the right solutions and

Monitor changes through effective control plans