Case Study – Univ. Missouri



Client Success – Unbilled Days: University of Missouri, 2010



The challenge is to build the confidence to identify the things we do every day that are WASTE and not be afraid to find new ways to eliminate those things.

In the fall of 2009 University of Missouri Health Care, as part of its benchmarking and quality programs, identified that days in unbilled accounts receivables were too high. Kay Davis, Director of Patient Financial Services, said, “We knew that our goal was to achieve best practice for unbilled accounts and to achieve that goal, we also needed proven talent to deliver on this initiative.”

University of Missouri Health Care engaged Denver, Colorado-based Edge Process Consulting (Edge) to help focus the improvement initiative by utilizing the Edge Process for Revenue Cycle Optimization.

This process is based on Lean Six Sigma DMAIC principles. The Six Sigma DMAIC process includes five phases – Define which outlines project scope; Measure where you evaluate your measurement and reporting systems and establish your baseline; Analyze where you dig into the details of the root causes and formulate areas of focus; Improve where you implement improvements and Control where you monitor your results and take corrective action if improvements falter.

Manage Your EMR, Meaningfully

Too many healthcare practices underestimate the need for experienced project management when navigating the implementation of EMR and Revenue Cycle Management systems. Edge Process will help get you live, on time and on budget.

As $72 billion in federal incentives, ($64,000 per qualifying practice), become a matter of dollars and sense, Edge Process provides the project management skills, techniques and experience you need to navigate and implement meaningful use of Electronic Medical Records – saving you time and money!

Here are few ways that Edge Process can help:

EMR/RCM vendor selection

EMR/RCM implementation project management

Flat fee/milestone-based or effort-based options available

Communication between your team and your software vendor

o workflow design
o data dictionaries set up
o staff training development
o test planning and coordination
o go-live support and issues management


All this talk of Federal dollars and electronic upgrades and you are still unfamiliar with the in’s and out’s of “meaningful use”?

Below are a few links that will help clarify the recently passed incentives.

MGMA: Meaningful Use

Colorado Public Radio: “Colorado Docs Could Get Federal Dollars to Go High Tech” – by Eric Whitney


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